Pride. Perfection. Passion. Promise. That's what makes us who we are today. Since a little boy, sitting on the counter building salads by the hundreds, watching, wishing to get his hands on the dough to help make the balls for rising, stirring, chopping and measuring. To the teen years, every day after school, rushing to get to work to give his dad or uncle the afternoon off, responsibilities of a full staff, of a successful and long standing tradition. Pride. To his adult years, growing, rising, building from the ground up, improving, creating, and Perfecting everything he learned as a child. Teaching, mentoring, guiding. Pride in what he's built and helping others to do the same. Pride in hearing over and over from our loyal customers their praises, their thanks, their appreciation and their love of our food and clean establishment. Promise in knowing every ingredient that passes through Mike's hands, every order, every customer is what makes us do what we do every day with passion. With promise that we love what we do, and we appreciate your kind words and support.

Originating in Gloucester, Mike set out to bring everything he learned as a child through his teens and 20's to his first location. Having outgrown the space and needing to be closer to home, he decided to sell back in 2012, having no ties or affiliations with that location anymore. He immediately began dreaming up and building out what is now Mike's Beverly, our flagship location, our brand. Having spent many summers on the Cape with his family, decided Cape Cod needed a Mike's to bring a North Shore favorite to the other Cape of MA, where he knew many customers too, spent their summers. He quickly became a Cape Cod favorite, and now, Mike's Roast Beef & Pizzeria of West Yarmouth is successfully owned and operated by a passionate husband and wife team, keeping Mike's traditions of fresh, fast and favorite foods on the Cape. Fast forward a year, an opportunity presented itself for our third location, Mike's Pizzeria of Woburn. Another town favorite, built with the same traditions and passion as Mike's of Beverly & W. Yarmouth. Mike's in Woburn is now owned and operated by another husband and wife team who decided it was time to branch out and operate their own business. Another location, growth, passion, teaching, mentoring and guiding future business owners who show the same passion and love of what they do.

We are Mike's Pizzeria. The Mike's with the flames. The Mike's who you recognize when you walk through the doors. Our brand, our pride, we strive for originality, but expect to be copied. If it doesn't say "Firing up fast & fresh"™ with the flames, it's not the same!

"Firing up fast and fresh"™ -not just a slogan. It's what we live by.
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